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supply chain 职位如何?谢谢!_百度知道  

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supply chain 职位很有挑战性,是现代化管理中出现的一个新概念。即供应链管理职位。       这是一个网络供应商 ,零售商,分销,运输,仓储设施,并参与一个产品的生产,交货,并出售给消费者。 The supply chain is typically made up of multiple companies who coordinate activities to set themselves apart from the competition.供应链通常由多个公司协调各项活动,为自己在竞争中脱颖而出。        供应链管理可分为三个主要流向:        The Product flow includes moving goods from supplier to consumer, as well as dealing with customer service needs. 产品的流通,包括将货物从供应商到消费者,以及与交易的客户服务需求。        The Information flow includes order information and delivery status. 信息流包括订单信息和交货状态。        The Financial flow includes payment schedules, credit terms, and additional arrangements. 资金流动,包括付款时间表,信用条件,并额外安排。        A supply chain has three key parts:供应链有三个主要部分:        Supply focuses on the raw materials supplied to manufacturing, including how, when, and from what location. 供应专注于提供生产原料,包括如何时,和从什么位置。   Manufacturing focuses on converting these raw materials into finished products. 制造这些原料转化成成品的重点。   Distribution focuses on ensuring these products reach the consumers through an organized network of distributors, warehouses, and retailers. 分布集中于确保这些产品到达消费者通过组织网络的分销商,仓库和零售商。         While often applied to manufacturing and consumer products, a supply chain can also be used to show how several processes supply to one another.虽然经常应用到生产和消费电子产品,供应链也可以用来显示多个进程如何供应到另一个。 The supply chain definition in this sense can apply to Internet technology, finance , and many other industries.在这个意义上的供应链定义可以适用于互联网的技术 ,财务,和其他许多行业。 A supply chain strategy defines how the supply chain should operate in order to compete in the market.供应链战略定义了供应链应如何操作,为了在市场竞争中。 The strategy evaluates the benefits and costs relating to the operation.战略评估的好处和运作有关的费用。 While a business strategy focuses on the overall direction a company wishes to pursue, supply chain strategy focuses on the actual operations of the organization and the supply chain that will be used to meet a specific goal.虽然经营战略的总体方向,一个公司希望继续为重点,侧重于实际操作,将用于满足特定目标的组织和供应链的供应链战略。        供应链在今天的世界是非常关键的和管理的一个非常复杂的领域。 With many many variables at hand and many systems and stats report that must be watched and put into consideration, it is quite a challenge to identify the right decisions to make at one point.随着在手,许多系统和统计报告必须观看并考虑很多变量,它是相当大的挑战,以确定正确的决策,使在一个点上。   And any slight mistake can cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.任何稍有不慎数百数千如果没有数百万美元的成本。   Due to this complexity there is a need to collaborate and share ideas in this field.由于这种复杂性,有必要在这一领域的协作和共享的思想。       一个供应网络是一个广义的术语,用来描述在准备交付给客户的货物和服务的过程中所使用的资源。 The exact structure of this type of network will vary somewhat, based on the type of products that are ultimately delivered to those clients.这种类型的网络的确切结构将有所不同,最终传递到这些客户端的产品类型的基础上。 In the broadest application, the supply network will include all vendors, internal policies and procedures, and the selection of shippers that are used to complete the cycle and place the products into the hands of the customers.在最广泛的应用,供应网络将包括所有的供应商,内部政策和程序,以及用于完成周期和产品到客户手中的付货人的选择。        One of the integral components of any supply network is the supply chain .任何供应网络的组成部分之一, 是供应链。 The supply chain involves the selection of vendors to supply raw materials for the production of goods and services, and arranging for the delivery of those materials in a timely manner to the manufacturing plant. Supply chain management also focuses attention on the strategies that have an impact on the goods while they are moving through the production process and even through to their completion.供应链涉及的供应商供应的货物和服务的生产原料的选择,并安排这些材料的及时交付生产厂,供应链管理还侧重于产生影响的战略,注意而他们正在通过生产过程,并通过其完成货物。 The idea behind this supply chain management is to make sure customer orders are completed in a timely manner with a minimum of waste, and ultimately delivered in a time frame that is considered satisfactory to the customer.这背后的供应链管理的想法是要确保客户的订单都在用最少的浪费及时完成,并最终被认为是满意的客户在一个时间框架交付。        供应网络的建立需要什么元素,成功地填补客户订单的质量,数量,价格等方面,涉及的理解。 In order to accomplish this, the supply network must include vendors who can deliver resources of a certain quality on a tight schedule.为了做到这一点,供应网络必须包括供应商可以提供一定质量的资源,在工期紧。 From there, the network will include the establishment of quality controls to make sure the goods or services are produced efficiently but with an eye to quality as well as speed of production.从那里,该网络将包括建立质量控制,以确保有效地生产的商品或服务,但与眼的质量以及生产速度。 The supply network goes on to include the selection of shippers who are capable of delivering the completed orders within an acceptable time frame, as well as within a reasonable cost range.供应网络包括货主能够提供一个可接受的时间框架内完成的订单,以及在一个合理的成本范围内的的选择。       Depending on the nature of the business, a supply network can be somewhat simplistic or be a broad and comprehensive collection of interconnected resources that serves to keep the company operation moving forward.供应网络可以根据业务性质,有些简单化,或者是一个相互关联的资源广泛和全面的服务,以保持公司的运作前进的集合。 As businesses grow and increase the size of their customer bases, networks tend to become more complex as additional vendors are required for specific purposes and contributions to the production and delivery cycle.随着业务的增长和增加他们的客户群的大小,网络会变得更加复杂,需要更多的厂商都为特定目的的生产和交货周期的贡献。 From time to time, companies will evaluate the current nature of a supply network, assess its efficiency and make changes as needed.不时,公司将评估目前的供应网络的性质,评估其效率,并根据需要进行修改。

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